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My name is Alex and my husband, Jay, and I are the owners of Furst Steps and The Farmer's Barket. I'm a Professional Dog Trainer (previously CPDT-KA), an AKC CGC Evaluator, Dog CPR/First Aid certified, a member of Pet Professional Guild and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

I’ve been a dog person my entire life. I was never allowed to have a dog growing up due to health issues in the family (plus, my mom was NOT a dog person), so I compensated by creating an obsession and learning everything I could about them. When I was young, I rented dog books from the library at school, I used birthday gift cards to buy training and dog breed books, and I took every opportunity to hang out with friend’s and family’s dogs. It continued through my adulthood into careers in the pet industry and volunteering with many shelters and rescue organizations. It was enough to lovingly earn me the nickname “Dog Whisperer.”

Fast forward to today, I have over 17 years of experience in the dog industry. I found my true calling in training and I am constantly learning more. I found my niche with puppies and that’s where I’m determined to make a difference. Furst Steps was created to fill a gap in the market that I found through years of experience. During my time working at a shelter and, later, when I was training dogs with severe bite histories, I observed that the root of a dog’s issues usually led to a lack of proper socialization as puppies. In addition, I observed another key component that was also lacking – owner education. That’s what I want to fix. Our business is designed to provide socialization and training services in addition to being an educational resource to guide owners to fully enjoy their relationships with their dogs.

Furst Steps can help you with:

 What breed is best for your family or where to get your next dog (breeder, rescue, etc.)

 Building motivation within your dog

 Choosing the proper nutrition, treats, toys and more

 Working through the 3 D's: duration, distance and distractions.

 What to teach your puppy first

 How to achieve better focus and results with your pet

And much more!

After years of hard work, non-stop research, a genuine obsession and a life devoted to dogs, I have decided to open the “furst” puppy-focused training center where true socialization is the heart of our business.

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